Storing For A Cleaner Home

Storing For A Cleaner Home

Is Your Home Bursting at the Seams Due to Lack of Storage? Find a Self Storage Unit Fast

by Irma Soto

A house that has little space for storage can be problematic over time. If you feel like your house is busting at the seems and you aren't sure where to put things you need stored anymore, you may want to find a self-storage unit near you.

The storage unit will be a place you can easily store and organize all the items that no longer fit inside your home. Here are a few things to consider doing when finding a unit to lease and trying to organize your items.  

Compare Lease Agreements

Call a couple of storage facilities in your area and look online at the lease agreements or have them emailed to you. In the agreement and terms, you should be able to determine the:

  • Cost of the monthly or annual lease
  • Payment due date
  • Deposit information
  • Tenant and landlord responsibilities
  • Cancellation terms
  • List of non-storable items
  • Value limit

These are just some of the things that will be included in the lease. If you have any specific questions you will want to talk with the storage facility in person.

Consider Insurance Coverage

You want to protect your items while they are in the unit. Get insurance so you can protect your items from:

  • Theft
  • Damage from a natural disaster
  • Damage caused by lack of proper property maintenance
  • Pest infestation

These are just some of the things that can occur and cause your items to get damaged. The business may offer some type of coverage for an additional cost with your monthly rent, or you can talk to the company that does your monthly home or auto insurance to get an estimate.

Invest in High Quality Storage Materials

You want to invest in high quality storage totes so that all your items can be sealed in water resistant containers. The totes will also keep everything organized over time. For privacy concerns, you may not want clear totes. Instead, get labels to use on the totes so you can easily identify what is in each tote quickly when needed.

A storage unit doesn't just allow you to store the items that are bursting out of your attic, basement, or other storage units, but you will also be able to store seasonal recreation items, clothes that you don't wear regularly, and multiple other items to make space. Call at least two storage options to compare the costs and to look at the different facilities.


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Storing For A Cleaner Home

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