Storing For A Cleaner Home

Storing For A Cleaner Home

4 Important Benefits Of Climate-Controlled Storage

by Irma Soto

When you have stuff that you can't keep in your home and you need somewhere to put it, renting a self-storage unit is a natural answer. A climate-controlled storage unit is a specific type of storage unit, where the temperature and humidity of the storage unit are controlled.

#1: Protection Against Extreme Temperatures

Most storage units are set up more like a garage, with a temperature control system in place. That means when it gets really hot outside, it gets super-hot inside of the storage unit. When it gets freezing outside, it gets just as cold inside the storage unit. That type of temperature change is not suitable for a lot of items.

Most household items are designed to be stored in spaces where the temperature is consistent. Exposure to extreme temperatures can cause extreme damage to your items. For example, your musical instruments will start to warp if they are stored in really hot or cold temperatures.

#2: Protection Against Humidity

With a climate-controlled storage unit, in addition to protecting against temperatures, you can protect against humidity as well. Humidity, or moisture, can be really damaging to a number of things that you keep in storage. That is why you want a unit that allows you to control the humidity as well.

For example, humidity can damage a variety of items, such as leather and wood. Wood can warp in high humidity conditions, and leather can crack when the humidity is too low. You can keep the humidity more in line with what it would be inside your home to protect your belongings.

#3: Better Air Quality

Next, in a regular storage unit, the space is more like a garage. There is no air circulating throughout the units, creating stale air and poor air quality. That stale air can impact your items and leave them with a bit of a funky smell when you take them out of storage, even if they don't develop mold or mildew.

With climate-controlled storage, there will be a circulatory system in the building that will move air around. The air will not be stale. That improved air quality means that you don't have to go down to your storage unit and open it up to allow fresh air. Air quality can impact the storage of items such as documents and electronics.

#4: Protection Against Dust

Climate-controlled storage units are placed inside the building with well-insulated roofs, walls, and floors to make climate control benefits affordable for the company. That means that there is going to be less dust and debris floating around.

A climate-controlled storage unit allows you to protect your items against temperature changes and humidity, and you get to enjoy better air quality and protection against dust as well for all of your belongings.


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