Storing For A Cleaner Home

Storing For A Cleaner Home

How To Use Self Storage For Winter Clothes In The Warm Weather

by Irma Soto

Are you ready to put your winter wardrobe away? If you don't have enough closet space at home, off-site self storage is an easy option that can help you to de-clutter your clothes. Before you store anything, take a look at the do's and don'ts that can help you to keep your winter wardrobe safe until next year.

Do Sort Your Clothes

You don't need to store every winter item together in the same container. Instead of packing a box, bin, or bag to the top with your wool sweaters, down jackets, vests, heavy-weight jeans, gloves, hats, and other cold-weather gear, separate everything into carefully sorted categories.

This will help you to organize everything long before you need to unpack it next year. A pre-storage sorting session can also make it easier to pack these items efficiently and reduce the risks of wrinkling or other types of potential damage.

Choose a sorting strategy that makes sense to you and that will keep these items safe during storage. You may want to sort your winter clothes by use, such as outdoor sports, school, and work. Other ways to sort items may include color, fabric/material, or storage needs.

Don't Choose the Wrong Storage Space

Which type of storage unit is right for your winter-time clothes? If your wardrobe includes mostly long-sleeved t-shirts and jeans, you might not need a special storage unit. But if you have leather coats, boots, gloves, or pants, climate controlled self storage can help to keep your cold-weather items safe.

Sunlight, heat, moisture/high humidity levels, and excessive cold can damage delicate leather garments. A climate-controlled unit provides the ideal environment to store leather during the summer months—especially if the local climate is hot and humid.

Along with climate controls, you also need a storage unit that provides enough space for your winter clothes. If you have an extensive wardrobe, you need a larger storage space to accommodate everything easily. Consider how you need to store each item or type of item before you calculate the overall area you want to rent. Items that require hanging storage or that must stay completely flat could take up extra space.

Do Select the Right Storage Containers

Cotton tees, jeans, socks, and sweaters can go into tote bags or plastic bins with lids. But leather items and anything made from a fragile fabric requires special care. Never store leather or any material that is moisture/humidity sensitive in a plastic bin. Instead, choose fabric bags or ventilated wardrobe boxes.

Don't Forget the Labels

While it's easy to spot what you hang on a clothing rack, the same isn't true for winter items in boxes, bins, or closed bags. Make it easy to access everything next winter and label each container clearly. Add the season (winter), the type of item/category, and the specific pieces of clothing to the labels.

Contact a local self-storage facility to learn more.


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