Storing For A Cleaner Home

Storing For A Cleaner Home

Protecting Your Stored Belongings From Moisture Damage

by Irma Soto

When you store items, you expect them to stay in the same form as when you placed them in a protective area. Moisture causes damage when it comes into contact with items made of paper, wood, metal, or cloth. Take the following steps to ensure your personal effects remain free of moisture when stored long-term.

Obtain Plastic Containers To Seal Out Moisture

To keep items dry, contain them in storage tubs with lids. These are made from plastic and, when they are used correctly, provide a complete barrier against moisture buildup. It is important that the lid provides a tight seal after it is placed on the container. If you are not sure whether the lid is doing its job correctly or if you feel you want a bit of extra protection against the possibility of water getting inside a container, use a piece of tape to seal the lid onto the container. This prevents the lid from popping off. When you fill a container, do not place items all the way to the top, or else the lid is not able to rest in place without the risk of becoming unsealed.

Make Sure Moisture Is Not Already Present

Before you store items, check the area where you are putting them for existing moisture. If you notice the air is damp, or if you see mold on floors or walls, consider placing your belongings in another location. If you rent a storage unit, consider opting for one with temperature control settings as this helps to keep moisture in the area at a minimum. It is also wise to dry your items in the sun or with a hairdryer before placing them in containers or protective coverings. A few drops of moisture on an item can cause damage if it is contained. If you worry about the presence of water droplets, toss a dissident into each container to trap them effectively.

Raise Items Up From The Floor Level

Moisture tends to accumulate on floors in lower-level areas, especially if they are made of concrete. To protect your treasures, lift them away from the floor. Use shelving units, stuff items in drawers, prop up items on pallets of wood, and hang belongings on hooks attached to walls or from ceilings. This way, if moisture makes its way into a room or storage unit, your items are safely away from the area where water accumulates. 


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Storing For A Cleaner Home

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