Storing For A Cleaner Home

Storing For A Cleaner Home

Choosing Between Outdoor And Indoor Storage

by Irma Soto

Many self-storage facilities offer both indoor and outdoor storage solutions. The suitability of either option depends on various factors such as the following.

Size of Storage Items

The sizes of the items you want to store may determine the appropriate storage place. Most people keep small or medium items in storage units while oversized items are kept outdoors. This makes sense since outdoor storage is relatively inexpensive compared to indoor storage.

Storage Budget

As mentioned above, indoor storage is relatively more expensive than outdoor storage. Thus, outdoor storage can help you keep your items safe at a reasonable cost. Of course, you should compare the exact indoor and outdoor rates at your chosen storage facility before making a decision. Use the comparison to determine whether the savings are worth it.

Fragility or Sensitivity of Items

Even though you can cover up items in outdoor storage, the cover won't protect the items as much as indoor storage would. Storing things outdoors exposes them to various weather elements such as direct sunlight and moisture. Therefore, outdoor storage is best suited for those things that can withstand various types of weather.

Season or Prevailing Weather

The season or seasons of storage, as well as the local climate and weather, should also affect your decision. For example, storing things outdoors is relatively safe during fair weather but it gets more dangerous as the weather worsens. Thus, long-term storage that might straddle several seasons is best done indoors.

Value of Items

You should also consider the value of the items you wish to store. Indoor storage is much safer than outdoor storage. Indoor storage facilities will have things like individual locks and controlled access. With outdoor storage, you might have to contend with nothing other than surveillance cameras. Thus, the risk of damage or vandalism is greater for outdoor storage.

Risk of Pest Damage

Lastly, you should also consider the nature of the items and whether they can attract pests. Generally, storage facilities go out of their ways to ensure that their facilities are pest-free. However, you can't rule out the risk that a pest or two might wander into your outdoor storage space. What if a storage client is not as careful as you are and brings their infected items to the facility? Thus, outdoor storage is only suitable for those things that pests cannot damage.

Whichever option you decide to go with, ensure you use a reputable storage facility where your goods will be safe. You can consult the facility's manager for further tips on safeguarding your valuables.

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