Storing For A Cleaner Home

Storing For A Cleaner Home

How To Properly Prepare For Self-Storage

by Irma Soto

Self-storage units provide the perfect solution for you to free up more space within your home for a long period of time, or even as a temporary storage solution when you are moving to a new house. No matter the reason why you are using a storage unit, however, you should make an effort to ensure that your items are all packed properly and stored in the correct way so that you don't have to worry about them experiencing damage, and that you have the most convenient access to your items when you finally need to take them out again.


The first thing that you should do when packing your items up for storage is to make sure that you properly label all of the boxes and storage containers that you are using. You may also want to take pictures of what you are putting into storage so that you know what condition they were in, and for a visual record to help you remember what you moved and what you didn't.

Break it Down

Don't move heavy or large items as a single piece, because not only will you break your back trying to move them, but they'll end up using more space than they really need to. Removing the legs off of tables and chairs, taking the tabletop off of desks and other tables and so on can all help you fit everything you need to into your storage unit with as little effort as possible.

Long-Term in the Back

Once you actually get to the storage unit, make sure that you put the items that you won't need for the longest period of time at the back of the unit, and what you know you'll need soon, like clothes, important documents, and so on at the front of the unit. This ensures that you don't have to go digging for what you want, and helps reduce the amount of time that you have to spend in your storage unit in the future.

Make Hallways

Similar to the above point, make sure that you have clear avenues within your storage unit that allow you to walk throughout the unit if it's of a significant size. This makes it much easier for you to move items into and out of the unit, and also gives you a structure to organize the unit around so you'll be better able to remember where everything is.

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Storing For A Cleaner Home

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