Storing For A Cleaner Home

Storing For A Cleaner Home

Work As An Appliance Repairman? Rent A Storage Unit To Boost Your Opportunities

by Irma Soto

If you repair appliances for a living, you will likely have a work truck with tools to bring along. As with any business, it is beneficial to invest in your operation to make things more efficient and profitable. While you may be in a comfortable routine with your work schedule and process, you should consider renting a climate controlled storage unit, as it will open up new opportunities for you to improve your appliance repair business.

Take Ownership of Broken Appliances

When you repair appliances, you will often come across situations in which an expensive part needs to be replaced or a lot of work must be done to bring it to working condition. This may prompt the owner to just replace the appliance, in which you can help with the purchasing and installation. But, this also leaves the owner with a non-operational appliance that they need to get rid of. A storage unit makes it possible to take these appliances off their hands and work on them during your free time to sell in the future. This is valuable because you will know the value of appliances and can vouch for them being operational.

Stock Up on Repair Parts

As an appliance repairman, you likely know which repair parts are constantly needed. Specific brand parts may be something that you want to wait until you know you need them to put in an order. But, there are some replacement parts that work with multiple brands so you can stock up on them. This allows you to provide immediate service to someone who has an appliance problem because you can ask them about the problem on the telephone and you can stop by the storage unit to pick up the part just in case.

Store All Your Tools

It may not be possible to store all the tools that you need in your truck. So, the rest of your tools may be placed in your garage, but you can gain more space in your garage by renting a storage unit. It becomes a tax write-off since the storage unit will be used exclusively for business-related purposes. Also, you can stock up on more tools if you would find it beneficial to have more tools for the increased flexibility.

If you want to make several improvements to your work as an appliance repair professional, you should consider renting a storage unit near your home so that you can make quick stops whenever needed.


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Storing For A Cleaner Home

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