Storing For A Cleaner Home

Storing For A Cleaner Home

4 Packing Tips

by Irma Soto

If you are going to be packing up your home and getting ready to put your belongings into a self-storage unit then there are some packing supplies that can make your job much easier. Not only can some of them make the packing process easier, but they can also make it easier for you to find specific items in the storage unit later on.

Plastic storage bins offer a few different great benefits

You can purchase clear plastic storage bins that have locking lids on them and built in handles. The fact that they are plastic and have lids that lock mean they will keep your stuff well protected during the move and while they are in storage. The lids make them so much easier to carry and if you buy them all in the same size then you can put one right on top ot the other and so on. This will keep everything packed up nicely and you won't waste a bunch of space. Since they are clear, you will be able to see right into them so you can find what you are looking for when you need to get something out of the unit.

Large clear trash bags can be used to pack certain items with ease

You are always going to end up with some things that will fit much better in trash bags, such as stuffed animals and throw pillows. By choosing to use clear trash bags you will know what is in each one of the bags that you have packed. You can use the packed trash bags you can also use them to fill in any extra space you have in the storage unit and even throw the very lightweight ones up on the very tops of the stacked boxes and storage bins.

Bubble wrap rolls make it easy to protect fragile items

You can purchase large rolls of bubble wrap that you can use to wrap up fragile items so they don't end up getting damaged during the move or while they are in the storage unit. Some examples of items that can be protected in this manner include pictures, mirrors, lamps, large vases, ceramic statues and many others.

A printer can help you easily identify certain items

If you have items put in boxes or many items wrapped in thick layers of bubble wrap then you can print out pictures of those items and tape the pictures to the outside of the packaging. This can be better than writing the contents on the box because it allows you to immediately spot what you are looking for and it shows people helping which items are extremely fragile. Many people have come to ignore the word "fragile" due to its overuse.


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