Storing For A Cleaner Home

Storing For A Cleaner Home

3 Reasons You Need A Permanent Self Storage Space

by Irma Soto

While self-storage is often used by homeowners when they are in between homes while waiting for a real estate transaction to close, self-storage can actually be quite useful in a number of other situations. In fact, some individuals choose to rent out a self-storage space on a permanent basis thanks to the benefits provided. Here are three reasons why you might want to consider taking out a self-storage space for the long term.

Get the Boat Out of Your Garage

If you own a boat but you are currently storing it at home during the off-season, you are essentially ceding control of your garage for 6 months or more. Today, self-storage companies offer spaces that are more than large enough to fit a boat or any other large vehicle that you've been dying to get off of your own property. The argument could even be made that self-storage is better for your boat because it can be temperature controlled and there won't be any drafts coming in from the bottom of a garage door.

Turn Your Junk Room Into Something Useful

If you have a room in the house or your basement that is frequently used for storing random items that you have no other place for, a self-storage space would be ideal for you. You can take all of your kids' old toys, your family heirlooms, old baseball card collection or anything else that you don't really use anymore but don't want to throw away and move it all into a storage space. Use the extra room you suddenly have in your home to create a home office, den or library.

Self-Storage is Great If You Need Security

Do you own items that are especially high in value? While your homeowners' insurance policy might cover your losses up to a point if something were to happen, it still might be a good idea to take an extra step to ensure that nothing bad ever occurs. Self-storage spaces have 24/7 security and usually include a lock not just on your unit but a keypad to get into the facility itself. In short, it's probably more difficult for a burglar to break into a self-storage space than it would be for them to break into your home. Give yourself extra peace of mind by moving your valuables somewhere secure.

Self-storage is great for cleaning out your basement, spare room or garage and can offer top-notch security that you might not have at home. Contact a local storage company today for more information.


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Storing For A Cleaner Home

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