Storing For A Cleaner Home

Storing For A Cleaner Home

3 Important Tips For Moving When You Have Young Children

by Irma Soto

Are you the parent of one or more small children and are thinking about moving in the near future? Are you trying to figure out how to make the process as easy as possible for yourself, your spouse, and your child or children? Moving can be frustrating at the best of times, seemingly near-impossible at the worst. But if you already know that you'll be moving in a few months, you have time to make plans. The better your plans, the easier it will be to move. Some things that you should do to help the moving process include:

Get a storage unit: A self storage unit rental can be an essential part of the moving process, especially when you have one or more young children. Having to supervise a child through the entire packing, moving, and unpacking process can make everything take significantly longer than it otherwise would. With a self storage unit rental, you can start packing away less essential items and putting them into storage. As moving day approaches, there will be fewer items that will need to be moved on the day itself, significantly reducing the amount of time that will need to be spent on the move itself.

Hire professionals: Even with the use of a self storage unit rental, there may be too much left for you and your spouse to move by yourselves on moving day. While you could try to recruit family and friends to assist you, there's no guarantee that any of them will actually show up and help you. While paying for movers can seem like a ridiculous waste of money, you'll likely be saving money in the long run. They'll be able to move your things quickly and carefully, preventing you from having to pay the late fees that would be due if your helpers didn't show up and you were unable to move everything in one day.

Get a sitter: Whether you're doing the move entirely on your own or you've hired professionals to assist you, it's a good idea to send your child or children to a babysitter's house or to daycare for the day. You'll be unable to properly supervise the move if you have to keep an eye on your child or children. If you have pets, it's also a good idea to find a sitter willing to watch your pet or pets for the day. The last thing you need is for them to escape and go running off down the street or for them to somehow hide in a box and wind up on the moving truck. Whether this box would then be transported directly to your new home or temporarily dropped off at your self storage unit rental, this would not be good news for your pet.


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Storing For A Cleaner Home

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